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[ISO 9001 Certification]

The idea that organizations must have risk-based thinking to fulfill their mandates and the amount of risk assessed was based on their context. ISO 9001:2015 states that risk-based thinking is essential in all forms of planning and execution of the quality management system. A formal and documented risk management process is not a requirement of the ISO standard, but rather risk is a concept for both positive and negative actions to fulfill the organizations mandate to its external organizations (customers and stakeholders). ISO 9001:2015 refers to risk as having both a possible positive and negative outcome in the same vein as it does with opportunities. It then goes on to state throughout the standard and in clause 6.1 specifically that risks and opportunities should be addressed proportionate to their impacts on the ability to deliver products and services to the customer and the functioning of the quality management system. When interpreted literally, this could be a very minimal consideration. This contrasts significantly with the use of risk in AS9100D, where its made clear in clause 8.1 and annex A.4 of the standard that risk is expressed as a combination of severity and likelihood of having a potential negative impact to processes, products, services, customer, or end users. This goes beyond ISOs intent and requirements by making risk management a requirement of the AS standard relative to operational processes. AS9100D further defines risks to include those relative to product safety and counterfeit parts, enhanced product verification requirements, and driving risk identification and actions into management review as an input and an output (clause 9.3.3.d). Managing risk Within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 what do we really need to do with risk? The ISO/TC 176 quality management and quality assurance committee presented the 2015 revision as having neutral impact to organizations with quality management systems (QMS) using the 2008 version of the standard.

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[ISO 9001 Certification]

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